Believe and Take Action!

November 30, 2013

November 29, 2013

How many times have you told yourself you're going to do something and as the days go on that idea gets farther and farther away until it disappears altogether? I hear great goals and aspirations from people all the time. I hear the excitement in their voice as they talk about it and that good feeling is contagious and spreads. But whether it be a few weeks later or a few years later that person seems to have either lost the inspiration or forgot the most important rule of accomplishing a goal: Taking Action Now! 


I've read many posts about having dreams and goals. I have also watched many very inspiring videos that people put up on the internet and YouTube. Any time you watch one of these videos you can't help but get pumped up and excited to go out and rule the world! Then about five minutes later as the reality of the day ahead of you sets in and you begin to think about work, bills, and how mad you are at your significant other (over something completely pointless usually) , the world you were just about to lift up over your head 5 minutes ago seems to come crashing down on you. These videos leave out a very important message, the tools we need to use to make our goals a reality. So what if you could keep that feeling of excitement and motivation with you all day? Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to walk out the front door with your head held high and a big smile on your face that says, "This day is mine and I'm going to accomplish what I want." And to not just leave the house in that state of mind, but to be able to keep it with you all day. Well I believe we all possess that power and it's not that hard to find it within us. 


The reason most of us fail to keep that motivation all day and to actually begin to act on those goals we have imagined in our minds is usually two things. One, we don't believe we can actually accomplish such a task. Two, we don't take action. 



Belief is one of the most powerful things in this life. Belief is a common power in every single human being. Have you ever noticed the thoughts in your mind, whether negative or positive seem to show on the outside? That's belief. If you spent a whole day "people watching" you can really start to pick out how someone is feeling inside, without them saying a word. (Girls seem to be better at this than men, which is why when you're feeling upset or excited about something and try and hide it a girl will always say "What's wrong? what happened today?" or "I know you have something you're hiding!" and we think we're magicians at hiding our true thoughts and think "How does she possibly know this?!?!?") Your thoughts, what you believe yourself to be, shows on the outside. If you don't believe me, try this exercise. Think of the last time you were running late and everything seemed to be going against you. Your alarm didn't go off. You forgot to do your laundry the night before and have no clothes to wear. Your car won't start and when it finally does and you're on your way the gas light goes on and you have to stop to get gas. Then as you're pumping gas it starts to rain....and we all know how people drive in the rain. Read this through a few times and see how you start to feel. This is that magic illness people seem to have and how they talk to themselves all day. If you're thinking negative you will get negative results. The upside is this works both ways. Try that same exercise but change the scenario. This time you wake up feeling refreshed before your alarm even goes off. Your clothes are already all ironed from the night before and that new pair of jeans you bought are looking pretty good right now! Your car starts right up and smells great inside and what do you know, full tank of gas! You're making such great time that you decide to stop for coffee. When you get to the window the person in front of you already paid for you. How are you feeling now as you read this? Notice the feelings you experienced by reading each scenario. Just by imagining being there, your body and mind reacted. So what do you think happens when you keep telling yourself you can't do something? The point is that belief is extremely powerful, but also very simple! If you have a goal in your mind it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says or anything. You are in control of your thoughts and when you believe in anything your confidence will show through to others and they will think, "Wow where do I get some of that?" So step one: Believe that what you want, can and will be done. What we think, we get.


Take Action:

This seems like the easiest thing to do; yet so many people stop before they even get to this point. As soon as they think of a goal they come up with all the reasons it can't be done right now and there goes the dream. We have already solved that problem with our first step of belief. So now you believe in yourself and are ready to go for it. What next? Write it down! One of the most fulfilling things you can do is to take an hour out of your day and write down 100 goals you would like to accomplish. Anything from family, wealth, career, travel, self-improvement. Choose a bunch of categories and write down a few goals for each category until you reach 100. If you can't think of 100 goals you definitely need to BELIEVE in yourself some more! After this, separate these goals into a time frame of when you want to accomplish them by 1, 3, 5, and 10-year goals. Then take about 25 of them that you can begin to work on TODAY! From that 25 choose 5 that you will work on for the week. I have an easy to follow worksheet for this that you can print out and begin to use right away. Just go to and inbox me a message and I will send you a copy! Step two: Take action.


I hope after you've read this you're getting those same feelings of excitement and motivation to do something productive! What I hope is different, is that the feeling won't dissipate within 5 minutes now that you have two very important tools to use to begin accomplishing those goals you always talk about doing. When you believe you can do something, you really can do ANYTHING! When your goals are written down and are sitting in front of you, you have now become accountable for them. One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is achievement. Think about how you would feel looking at that list of goals before you went to bed knowing that you took a few steps today toward achieving your dreams!

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