December 4, 2013

I'm going to give you the magic secret to losing weight. You ready for it?.....are you sure? You know all those people you see at the gym with their muscular physiques and washboard abs? I'm about to reveal their hidden, deepest, dark secret. They're hard working, disciplined gym rats that are putting good foods into their bodies, tracking their workouts and logging their calories from the foods they're consuming! 


I'm going to be the bad guy here and tell you that if you're one of those people who are doing hours of "cardio" every single day and you still can't lose ONE pound then you're lying about something. You can go to the gym every day, but if after your work out you go home and eat the whole entire house, then there's a really good chance that's the answer to why you can't shed those pounds. "But I'm watching my diet!" Sure you are. Do you have a WRITTEN food log of every single thing you've eaten today? That includes even that tiny handful of pretzels, chips, or candy you grabbed. (Trust me I used to be one of you. Those tiny handfuls add up to hundreds of extra calories, write them down!)


I promise you that 90% of the people you see in really elite physical shape have worked extremely hard in the gym and the kitchen to achieve it. There is the rare occasion of the "good genetics" type person who seems to not work out nearly as hard as you and eat whatever he/she wants, but guess what, that's not you so stop pouting and get over it. Almost every excuse I hear about losing weight is just that, an excuse! Any sentence that begins with "But I...." is an excuse.


Think about your bank account for a second. If you keep withdrawing money without keeping track, eventually you will overspend. The same goes for your calories. If you keep overeating without budgeting your calorie account there's going to be an error at some point. Those extra pounds you're gaining are like interest, every month it becomes more and more until you finally say, "I'm done with this!" and make a plan to pay it off! 


I'm all about giving people tools to work with to help them out, so here we go! It's time to budget our calorie account and shed those extra pounds once and for all. There is 3,500 calories in one pound. Let's use the number 2,000 as the recommended amount of calories you should be eating each day to MAINTAIN your CURRENT weight. If you want to lose one pound per week, without doing anything else but sitting on your couch, here's how. Take that number 2,000 and subtract 500 calories from it, which brings you to 1,500 calories. 1,500 is your new TOTAL amount of calories you can consume each day. 500 calories multiplied by 7 days equals 3,500 calories, which equals one pound of weight loss! Now remember this is your budget! If you say "I'm just going to have this ONE handful of chips." Then you just over drafted and now have a fee to pay. Obviously 1,500 calories is not going to be everyone's budget since we are all different shapes and sizes. Here is a great link to a calorie calculator where you can just type in your information and weight loss goal and it will give you a weekly breakdown of how many calories you should be taking in for your goal weight. http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calculators/calories-required/

Another great tool for logging your calories is a smartphone APP. I use daily, called "MyFitnessPal" It makes logging all your information very easy and even has a barcode scanner to scan the labels of the food you’re eating and will automatically log all the nutritional information for you! With all this easy to use technology, losing weight should no longer be a struggle, but a success. 


A few more tips to help you out. Believe you can do this. Keep working out and start logging those calories every single day and you will hold yourself more accountable for your actions, which always leads to positive results! Weigh yourself only once a week or once every two weeks. The scale will become more of an ally this way instead of an enemy. Give yourself one cheat day a week! Feel free to eat whatever you have been craving, but make sure you're still within calorie budget! Shop on the outside aisles of the grocery store. This is where all the healthy foods like poultry, fish, vegetables and produce are kept. The inside aisles tend to be packaged up processed garbage. Finally, start right now! Successful people take action now in everything they do. Save the mediocrity for someone else and make yourself a success today. 

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