Tomorrow is Today

December 11, 2013

Days can drag on. Waiting for the end of the week to get here can seem like an eternity. A whole year seems like forever. In reality though, life is quite short. "The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today." -- Jim Rohn


        Too many times I've heard friends, family, clients, and strangers talk about what they want to do, or intend to do. Whether it is a fitness goal, a health goal, business venture, or making a new purchase. The list is endless and I'm sure you can come up with many more to add to it. My favorite example is a fitness goal. Why? Because it is what I do! Ready? Here we go.


         A man about thirty pounds overweight, who hasn’t exercised in about ten years, other than walking down the stairs to watch TV and who also overeats every meal, says he is ready to make a change. Let’s call him Ted. Ted also smokes a pack a day, spends his paycheck before it even arrives, and sleeps about four hours a night if he’s lucky. Ted is also forty years old and single. He hasn’t had a date in five years. Before we continue, if I just described you or a friend, read the rest of this immediately.


         Ted calls the local health club and asks what their membership rates are. They tell him to come in and see the club and they will discuss rates with him then, as they have many different membership options and will find the one that’s right for him. Now we all know that the person on the other line of that phone knows EXACTLY what their membership rates are and could tell Ted. But we also know if Ted was really interested in getting started; he would be at that health club, not on the phone with them. Ted says, “Okay great, I’ll be in later this week.” Guess what. Ted never goes in later that week, or the next, or ever for that matter. Life got too busy with all the TV shows to keep up on and that new iPhone 17 that’s coming out next week.


         Now this example isn’t about the secret of selling gym memberships or about what happened to “poor” Ted. (he’s 50 years old now and ten more pounds over weight. He could however, recite every line to you from The Walking Dead.) There is a good point here though. How did that health club become full of members? They came in and signed up for a membership, shocking I know. When people really have an intention to do something, they simply do it. Actions speak louder than words, couldn’t be any truer.


         I used to procrastinate on stuff a lot as well. We all are guilty of it at some point in our life. Even starting this weekly blog was something I always “wanted” to do. Surprisingly the blog never wrote itself, not one time! It did start becoming a reality though when I finally woke up one day and stopped talking about it, opened up Word, and started typing.


         Most people look at their day and think, it’s only 2, when is this day going to be over?!?! Those people have a name, Ted. Then they get home eat some dinner and watch TV the rest of the night. All until the weekend arrives where they can unwind with some friends and get some drinks, while they talk about how shitty their week was. Awesome life!


         Then there is another group of people who look at that same clock at 2 p.m. and think, look how much I’ve accomplished already for the day, let’s see how much more I can do! These people have goals and intentions like everyone else. The difference is, they are keeping track of these goals and checking them off as they complete them. The difference between an A student and a failing student is very simple. The A student completed his assignments and followed through with what was expected of him. The failing student didn’t follow through; he’s a talker not a doer.


         What is something you’ve wanted to do, but keep holding off because it’s not the right time? I can promise you this. In life, whatever it is you do, there will never be the perfect time or optimal situation. There’s an old saying, “Ready, fire, aim”, meaning take that thought and without talking yourself out of it just go for it now! Then you can make corrections, if needed, along the way.


         I always give tools to use at the end of my articles to help take action toward your goals. Write down on the top of a sheet of paper the following, For The Next 30 Days I Will Live Now! Then under this write down the numbers 1 through 10. Write down 10 things you have been thinking about doing and make it a point to DO IT in the next 30 days. The more uncomfortable and nervous these goals make you feel, the better. We are only growing when we are doing new things that make us feel out of place. Take a highlighter and highlight each one as you accomplish it. So go out there today, right now and start. Get that girl’s phone number, sign up for that class, get that gym membership, and put away your laundry! It doesn’t matter how little it may seem, these small things will make you a more confident, proactive, and successful human being. 

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