2014: Take a Risk Each Day

January 1, 2014

Everything that has been created or produced in the world was at first, just an idea in someone's mind. The computer you're looking at right now, as you read this, was once just an idea people thought to be ridiculous, impossible. As the years go by, however, the computers seem to get smaller, faster, clearer, and sharper and then eventually something new takes its place. I was reading that there are millions of great ideas and inventions that are buried in the grave. Most people spend their whole lives with great thoughts and ideas in their minds, but never share them with the world because of a lack of confidence or uncertainty. When that person is laid to rest, their great thoughts and ideas go with them. 


You have to take risks to become who you want to be or create what you want to produce. The first of the year always sparks a motivation in people to start to do all those things they planned on doing the year prior, but just never got around to them. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If you procrastinated for a whole year and never got anything done, because life got in the way, then that is the type of person you have always been and will always be unless you start to take some risks. I read a great example of this in the book, "The Magic of Thinking Big", by David J. Schwartz. In the book the author says that you can tell what kind of worker a person is going to be by how they act at their current job, which is not their ideal job. This is a person's values and values stay consistent almost 100% of the time. Even if you hated the job you had, if you're the type of person whose work ethic is extremely important to your character, then you would bust your ass day in and day out at that job even if it was working at a drive-thru window. You better believe that if someone is the greatest drive-thru window attendant of all time, then they're going to be great at whatever they do. It's who they are. They have high standards and value themselves. 


I encourage you to write down your New Year's resolutions. It is a great way to get started and excited for a "fresh start". Number one on everyone's list, however, should be to take a risk every day. Goals and resolutions are great, only when acted upon. Anything you have ever been successful at is because you took a risk. How many people would be great actors and actresses, but never tried out for a play or movie. How many people would have their ideal, fit, strong, and toned body, but never followed through on their diet or went to the gym. How many of you would have gotten that guy or girl, but forgot you had to approach them first and introduce yourself. The list goes on and on. My point is that if you want to achieve all these great things in life, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


Take one risk a day and see how much closer you begin to progress toward what you want. One of the most beneficial things taking a risk does is that it builds your confidence and with confidence you can pretty much do anything in life. You begin to realize that the more you do something that seemed so frightening before, the more comfortable you get and realize that all this time it was really no big deal. 365 days from now you should have taken at least 365 risks. By this time next year I guarantee you will be walking a little taller and have realized how much potential as a human being, you have inside yourself. 


Grab a sheet of paper and write at the top of it "Risks I'm Going to Take". List 365 risks, one for each day this year, and at the end of each day after you have taken that risk, put a big check mark next to it. Go say hello to that girl and ask her for her number. Sign up for that class or hobby you've always been interested in. Apply for that job. Start training Muay Thai (this is probably the best thing you can do for yourself!) Most importantly just get the habit of taking a risk each day. Remember that your values are so important and show what kind of person you are. Set your standards high and value yourself. You come into this world alone and you leave this world alone. Leave your mark for the short time you're on this Earth. As they say in boxing, "Leave it all in the ring." 

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