January 30, 2014

I was at the local Xsport Fitness last night and overheard a couple of guys, in their late twenties maybe early thirties, talking in the locker room. They were talking about working out and then switched the conversation to their jobs and what they were currently up to in their lives. There was a lot of, "I don't really know what I want to do, just trying to find something to pay the bills for now until I figure it out." It really got me thinking. How could you be thirty years old and not know where you are or what you want out of your life? Every one of us has so much potential and unique skills that we should be able to venture into so many different opportunities, yet so many of us seem to doubt our own abilities or get too comfortable with being just "okay". 


When we're younger we have this incredible imagination and ideas of all the things we want to do and experience. The funny thing is that as crazy as some of these ideas may be, most of them, if not all of them, can be achieved. Then as we begin to get older and conform more to society and what others are doing we lose some of our imagination. I see so many people who wake up at the same time to the same alarm every morning, go to work, and then come home, eat dinner, and watch T.V. until it's time to go to sleep and go through it all over again the next day. I'm not saying, don't have a job or responsibilities, but don't get caught up in a routine that is causing you no growth or personal development as a human being. Don't lose your imagination. 


I was brought up in an environment being told that after you're done with high school, you go to college and then get a career and work until you retire. Not that there wasn't any fun planned in between, but that was pretty much the gist of it. Well when I was 16 years old I started having terrible anxiety in school and by the time I was 17, no longer attended my high school. I finished school from home on my living room couch and always felt out of place because of it. I could have decided to continue to be helpless and float under the radar the rest of my life like so many people do, but I knew there was something greater inside of me. By 18 years old I had received my personal trainer certification and now at 23 years old I have my own personal training business, have become a professional fighter and have only just begun to grow. But honestly this all was because of my imagination and belief in myself, that I didn't and don't need to conform to what is "normal" and neither do you. If you can wake up every morning doing what you love and are making a positive influence in other people's lives, then the money and essentials to live comfortably will all fall into place on their own. 


Life isn't just about money and being successful or chasing your dreams. That's just part of it, but the journey of chasing money, chasing success, and chasing your dreams IS what LIFE IS. It's all the ups and downs, wins and failures that make your memories and write out the story of your life. What I want out of my life is totally different than what you or the next person wants, but that's what makes everyone unique. We can all learn from each other and there are always endless opportunities to expand your mind and to grow. If you currently feel stuck or on the same boring routine, then change it, make something happen. As humans we have the gift of imagination. No one should ever think that they have to be stuck where they currently are for the rest of their lives. I challenge you to make a "bucket list" of all the things you really want out of life, so when someone asks what you're currently doing in your life you can confidently answer with pride and excitement. There's nothing more fulfilling in life than knowing what it is you truly want and going out and getting it!

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