Rose Fit's clients work hard each and every day and see continued results through hard work and healthy choices.


Alicia M: "Working out with Billy is fun. I look forward to seeing him, which makes working out more enjoyable. He's so positive that it's infectious and he genuinely cares about you. I sometimes get texts asking how I'm feeling the next day. During our sessions he makes sure I'm doing alright & somehow still remains encouraging to push you to your maximum. He also has a talent to make sure you're proud of yourself after each workout."


Mike S: "Billy doesn’t just teach me to do exercises, he helps me perform to the absolute best of my abilities, to be both mentally and physically tough. I signed up with Billy thinking I’d learn a few new exercise tricks, and maybe some sweet Thai Boxing skills. That was a few years ago; I’m now 37 years old and in FAR better shape than when I was 21. Being in athletic shape makes everything in life feel so much better. If you’re thinking about getting into this, do it!"


Amish P: "Working out with Billy has been very rewarding & challenging. It's not the same old workout everytime, and now with in-home training, there's really no reason not to try it. He's always punctual and engaging; I would, and have, recommended his services to others."


Riken P: "I've played sports my whole life and worked out regularly as a result. Before I came to Rose Fit, I thought I knew how to workout, boy was I wrong. Not only did Billy show me a whole new way to workout, he showed me the right way to workout. Within two months of going to him I dropped close to 20 pounds. His sessions are fun and unique and keep me intrigued. He targets your weaknesses and makes sure you see the results you want."

Z: "Billy Rose is a great motivator. I've benefited from his immense knowledge on exercises, fitness, and heath. He mixes up every session, so boredom is not an option. The variety of his workouts is intense and he knows how to tailor a workout for his individual clients. He will give you the push you need to keep you going and will constantly remind you of your ultimate goal(s).


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